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2011-07-03 10:56:39 by KyvoX

Hey. I am KyvoX, from France, and I maek music. Cool huh ?

Also I like robots.


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2011-07-21 20:09:57

Cool. I wanna start making music too.


2011-07-22 06:44:21

Un français sur Newgrounds ! On trouve plus de Québécois lol, mais c'est très bien aussi, rare sont les français dans ce site xD, et j'ai beaucoup aime ta musique nomme Annihilation 999, c'est du bon !


2011-07-23 02:24:50

urgh man my three favourite things, french people, music AND robots!


2011-08-13 11:44:07

@azabazacaza: don't forget about music made by french robots!

I really like your style, KyvoX. I hope to hear more from you in the future.